Client Testimonials

  • "From my first session with Cheryl, I felt safe, supported, and HEARD. She has a strong foundation of knowledge and experience and is wise, direct, insightful, kind and easy to relate to. Always compassionate, never judgmental, Cheryl sees me as a whole person, which has in turn helped me to be more authentic and confident, especially in relationships and career."
  • "Cheryl Dolinger Brown is my dream of what a therapist should be. She's superlatively smart and discerning, but it's her level of caring and thoughtfulness that I prize above all. She is someone who enters your life in order to understand it--and then guide you through it on your terms. She shares the hard truths with genuine tenderness and insight."
  • "Through our work with Cheryl we came to understand that the real happy ending wasn't anything like what we thought it would be, it was something deeper…more mature, more authentic and realistic that we never could've arrived at without her help. She took two people whose hearts were pretty hardened and helped us trust again…."
    C and R
  • "Cheryl has been enormously helpful to me and my wife. She has helped us gain a better understanding of both ourselves and each other, which has had a huge impact on our relationship. She has a warm and caring demeanor, makes both of us feel heard and understood, and we're also able to have a good laugh from time to time. If I am being honest, I was a bit skeptical going into "couples counseling", but today would recommend Cheryl to any couple seeking to improve their relationship"
  • "Cheryl … has been invaluable in my personal growth, managing my anxiety and a fantastic support system... She always has tools and ideas how to deal with them. Cheryl knows when to interject, when to encourage and when to just listen. I cannot imagine my life without her kindness, support and guidance."

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