Revisioning Your Life


Fridays, June 9 and 16, 2023

Many of us are now in or close to our wise, eldering years. Others who have done therapy for years and are still working many hours are curious about what lies ahead of them. It's helpful for all of us who are passionate about our work to look ahead, see what we have contributed and what we still want to do professionally and personally. We may choose to change the focus or amount of work we do to allow for time to explore other personal or community interests. Rarely do we talk about it in a professional setting and there is scant professional literature on the topic. With written exercises, in dyads and in our larger group we will examine the losses to our clients and ourselves in changing our work and the excitement of looking to expand our worlds. This will be a participatory workshop where we will be examining the life of the therapist, in addition to the professional client work of the therapist.

For information and to register please go to: https://www.imagorelationships...

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