Consultations for Professionals

Group consultation of 6-8 dedicated therapists in couples work in a safe, nurturing environment.

  • Create safe environments for therapists to share their vulnerabilities and champion their successes.
  • Give and receive support from peers to feel less isolated.
  • Enhance clinical skills and connect theory to practice.
  • Manifest good self care to stay grounded and resilient.
  • Learn practical concepts and techniques from Imago Relationship Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, PACT and others.
  • Explore questions and issues around difficult cases.  
  • Learn techniques to use immediately in sessions.
  • Individual consultation also available.

 Testimonials From Group Members

Imagine a supervision group where you benefit from one of the most experienced, generous clinicians in the world and can connect with colleagues who support you wholeheartedly. That's Cheryl's group. Nothing less than a Godsend!


Cheryl co-creates a dynamic of learning from feedback from others in the group. We are held by the wealth of experience and resourcefulness that Cheryl brings to us. I have gained knowledge and true colleagues that care and have my back   


I appreciate the approach Cheryl uses in choosing members with diverse clinical experiences and the way that she structures the meetings. I have felt consistently challenged, supported and empowered by group members and by Cheryl's skillful yet unobtrusive guidance


Cheryl is a master clinician who continues to learn and incorporate her wealth of knowledge. I've learned how other couple therapists work and have incorporated techniques that I had not known existed. If you do a lot of couples work, I highly recommend this group


Cheryl has a unique ability to cultivate a collaborative, supportive and educational space for clinicians from different backgrounds and perspectives. This group has given me a professional network of trusted clinicians I will continue to connect with in the future.


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