Bridging Divides

What I teach:

"Listening When You'd Rather Not: Bridging Divides"

In this age of extreme polarization it is difficult for most of us to listen to people whose core beliefs, values or behaviors we do not share. What if we love or care about people but we don't like or respect parts of them? What if the core belief systems of others are actually abhorrent to us? How do we keep connections with others who are important to us? How do we help our clients and communities do the same?


  • One day, six hour webinar
  • 6 CEUs available
  • Participatory workshop
  • Mini-lectures, break-out rooms, group discussion
  • Video clips with renown therapists and leaders in social justice work
  • Shorter workshops for organizations upon request

How I teach:

  • Participants share questions, concerns and vulnerabilities 
  • Provide avenues for hopefulness in a chaotic world
  • Rich library of community resources  around polarization 
  • Focus on taking action to change or improve difficult situations


This is an opportunity to use our hearts and skills 

to work together to help ourselves 

 our family and friends, our clients and our community.

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June 18, 2024  

October 9, 2024

March 18, 2025  

June 17, 2025      

Testimonials from Workshop Participants

Cheryl's "Listening When You'd Rather Not: Bridging Divides" workshop brought together years of skill and experience that equips us to stay engaged and connected rather than to cancel other people. Thank you Cheryl. Sandy Bernabei, LCSW Liberation Psychotherapist

Cheryl’s polarization webinar was a game changer for me.  With her guidance I transformed my overwhelming concern into empowered agency in my therapy chair and more importantly in my life. Karen W. Berry Ph. D.

This was an amazing seminar! So relevant to what's going on in the world today re: polarization and how to have conversation. My favorite part was the break-out rooms.--those conversations were so helpful--people talked about their personal and professional struggles with how to connect.

I loved that the presenter used multiple modalities to present the material, including combining break-out rooms with lecture, to keep it more engaging for those of us who have more "active" minds!

I admired your researching this topic. Very needed in today's troubled world.

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