Services for Professionals

   One of my greatest pleasures is sharing my accumulated experience and wisdom with therapists working with clients, particularly with couples. I provide individual and group consultations and workshops.

Short-term and Ongoing Consultation Groups for Therapists Working With Couples

   Our work is solitary and it can be helpful to connect with colleagues to share our cases, our concerns and our successes. I provide consultation with other dedicated therapists of various trainings in a safe, nurturing environment. Working with couples can sometimes be like walking into a battleground with intense emotion and reactivity. How do we help our couples lower their reactivity and deepen their connection? And how do we practice good self care to keep ourselves grounded and resilient? During the case consultation I teach practical concepts and techniques from both an Imago Relationship Therapy and Somatic Experiencing context. Members bring in their cases, explore their difficulties, and learn techniques to use immediately in session. As a certified Imago consultant I can help prepare therapists for certification and can provide Imago CEUs to certified Imago therapists.

Individual Consultations (in office and on Skype )
   Private consultation is useful to enhance clinical skills, examine counter-transference issues, connect theory to practice, decrease the sense of isolation in private practice and to help with the cases that are challenging and difficult.


From Chaos to Connection: Calming Reactive Couples Using Body-Based Therapies

  When childhood wounds re-emerge couples react as if their partner is dangerous and t hreatening. Repeated interactions of fight, flight or freeze lead to prolonged and intense states of disregulation. Therapists practice in the midst of this chaotic emotion and extreme behavior.

   Body-based approaches such as Somatic Experiencing and Yoga emphasize awareness of sensations in the body to help regulate intense arousal states. We learn and then teach clients to access the body states that are locked in the nervous system and provide resources that change their response to triggers. Experiencing this in front of their partner increases empathy and compassion and leads to the goal of creating better couple connection.

   I will teach basic Somatic Experiencing theory, lead participants in experiential exercises to practice the techniques and will share videos and vignettes that show how the techniques can be incorporated into couple sessions. This workshop is designed to help you:

  • Recognize the signs of activation and teach the language of sensation.
  • Utilize new techniques to increase modulation and emotional resilience.
  • Practice grounding techniques to help couples calm down and increase connection.
  • Apply new techniques personally to decrease therapist reactivity in the face of intensity in the consultation room.

The Contented Couple

This couple’s workshop will focus on the keys to creating ongoing contentment in couple relationships.

  • Putting annoyances and differences in perspective
  • Finding the gems in the negative trait
  • Accepting the imperfections in your partner and relationship
  • Letting go of resentments
  • Learning dialogue processes to move toward greater acceptance and contentment
  • Being appreciative
Presentation Skills for Professionals

  • Calm performance anxiety and improve confidence
  • Organize and prepare the presentation
  • Perfect the delivery
  • Create and work with slide shows and handouts
  • Deal with dominating participants, bored audiences, tough questions

Taming the Negative, Critical Voice