Individual Therapy

One of the advantages of working in the field for many years is having a treasure chest of tools to use in therapy to match individuals to the techniques that are most helpful to them. My work with individuals is informed by:

  • Body: Learning to listen to and trust your gut by using Somatic Experiencing, Breath, Tapping (Emotional Freedom technique)
  • Mind: Learning about yourself psychodynamically by becoming conscious of old behavioral patterns, using cognitive-behavioral techniques
  • Spirit: Feeling part of something larger, using mindfulness and concepts from yoga, developing personal creativity
  • Community: Finding supports in family, friends, interest groups, twelve step programs

How do I become a whole, confident person, satisfied with myself and my life?

  • Become aware of the limiting beliefs I learned as a child from my family, society, trauma
  • Pay attention to the ever-present negative, critical voice now inside of me, beating me down
  • Learn techniques to lessen the power of the critical voices
  • Deal with past difficulties and traumas that are still locked in my memory and body
  • Untangle the association with the past and the present
  • Learn new skills and techniques to know my needs and to ask for them to be met in a constructive way
  • Communicate in a way that I can be heard
  • Find my joy