Couple's Therapy

In our busy times many couples don't find enough time for each other. Creating and maintaining intimate relationships are much harder than most of us ever expected. What we really want in life is to feel truly understood and acknowledged by those close to us, but so many barriers appear. Fortunately, we can learn skills to help us bridge the difficulties and feel whole and connected.

I work with couples (married or unmarried, heterosexual or LBGT) who:
  • Have been stuck in repetitive and hurtful arguments and can't find a way out
  • Love each other but keep hurting each other
  • Can't find a way to be connected and still hold on to themselves
  • Find their lives together routine and uninspiring
  • Want to recover from betrayals such as infidelity
  • Desire a way to communicate better
  • Need to figure out whether or not to end the relationship
Using Imago Therapy I can help you:
  • Understand why we are attracted to our partners and why some of the qualities we once loved now drive us crazy
  • Learn a communication skill which encourages cooperation and understanding rather than blame and defensiveness
  • Take issues in which we find ourselves repeatedly stuck and find new ways to resolve them
  • Find a road to renewed pleasure in our relationship
Imago Therapy is a process developed by best-selling authors Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt to help couples develop an understanding of how conflict can help us heal ourselves and our relationships. It teaches couples techniques to step out of non-productive, repetitive struggles and reach deeper levels of connections. For more information and free resources:

I have also completed Level II of Stan Tatkin's PACT (Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy). PACT is a fusion of developmental neuroscience, attachment theraoy and arousal regulation. For more information and resources go to .